Traffic Reseller shop WordPress Website


After payment You will  get the website in a zip file.

""""Domain and hosting not included""""

All done rite from WordPress no need to enter in to cPanel

Great for google AdSense ads

Just know that you have to change all the links in the PayPal area to your PayPal, in PayPal buttons and I will give a list of suppliers for you to dropship.

I can not setup the PayPal buttons for you because to do that you have to do it from inside your PayPal business account
 Make sure you read the whole ad......
 on how your new website will is the idea
 how it works a client goes to your website and buys traffic the money goes to your PayPal and you go to your supplier and buy and send it to your client the company's you buy from they have what's called white label delivery means the client thinks it's coming from you.  

You can dropship or do affiliate marketing or both... woocommerce ready.

Turnkey Traffic Reseller Business

                                                                                After purchase we will send all the suppliers list

""""Domain and hosting not included""""

Traffic Reseller Service Business-in-a-Box Website. Fully setup, fully outsourced business in lucrative niches. WordPress-based site with an amazing design. Make up to $200 per sale.


  • Traffic Services in website
  • Turnkey Business-in-a-Box Solution
  • Make up to $200 per sale!
  •  fully outsourced business
  • Amazing design
  • Lucrative niches
  • WordPress based site - Easy to make changes
  • Minimal effort required
  • beautifully-designed service reseller website that offers  highly profitable internet marketing related services.
  •  There is a huge demand for these services as they are critical  services  for any webmaster and online business to promote their  websites and  increases their traffic, revenues and profits.


  • Social Bookmarks
  • Directory Submissions
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Alexa Traffic
  • Adult Traffic
  • The website is completely setup, ready for business and made for you to create money. It is close to fully automated, with no website maintenance required and it only takes minimal work on your part to process customers’ orders.


The services offered on this site are extremely in high demand   which will only increase with time. As more and more websites are  built  and more and more businesses turn online, the need for traffic  will only increase. This website will take   advantage of that increasing trend by offering services that cater   directly to the demand of those webmasters and online businesses.


This service business is very easy to run. Here’s how it works:

  • When orders come in, you will receive instant payment into your PayPal account
  • You then forward the orders to the suppliers of that specific service

It’s as EASY as that. You will not have to worry   about anything else. We will provide you with the suppliers for each   service and these service suppliers will perform and deliver the  service  directly to your customers and their website. You don’t need to  do the  dirty work as it is all fully outsourced.

This website is perfect for beginners, newbies or anyone who want to own their own profitable, automated online business.   This is a real fully functional business with a proven business model   that will allow you to be in business from day one. You only need to   generate targeted traffic to it. It’s a great opportunity for those who   are just starting out online.

The suppliers for these services are top notch suppliers. You can   rest easy that they will perform a great job fulfilling your customers’   orders while still offer incredible low rates for theirs services so   that you can put a nice markup on their services.


The service reseller business is highly profitable.   On each order, you will often make more than 100% profit, from $12   profit up to $200 profit on the largest package offered on the site.   With this site you can potentially make up to $500 per week in your   spare time if you generate targeted traffic to it. We will include   marketing materials and guides with this website which will teach you   traffic generation and search engine optimization methods that will  help  you find customers and get orders fast.

The website offers several different packages for each service. Below   are the pricing and profitability of each package from each service.   You can definitely change the pricing and the packages offered if you   envision a better combination of packages and pricing points.

Social Bookmarks

  • 100 Bookmarks - Your Cost $5 - Sale Price $30 - Your Profit = $25
  • 300 Bookmarks - Your Cost $15 - Sale Price $90 - Your Profit = $75
  • 500 Bookmarks - Your Cost $25 - Sale Price $150 - Your Profit = $125

Directory Submissions

  • 1500 Submissions - Your Cost $15 - Sale Price $40 - Your Profit = $25
  • 3000 Submissions - Your Cost $30 - Sale Price $80 - Your Profit = $50
  • 6000 Submissions - Your Cost $60 - Sale Price $160 - Your Profit = $100

Targeted Traffic

  • 10000 Visitors - Your Cost $14 - Sale Price $40 - Your Profit = $26
  • 30000 Visitors - Your Cost $42 - Sale Price $120 - Your Profit = $78
  • 50000 Visitors - Your Cost $70 - Sale Price $200 - Your Profit = $130

Mobile Traffic

  • 10000 Visitors - Your Cost $20 - Sale Price $40 - Your Profit = $20
  • 30000 Visitors - Your Cost $60 - Sale Price $120 - Your Profit = $60
  • 50000 Visitors - Your Cost $100 - Sale Price $200 - Your Profit = $100

Alexa Traffic

  • 5000 Alexa Visitors - Your Cost $9 - Sale Price $40 - Your Profit = $31
  • 10000 Alexa Visitors - Your Cost $17 - Sale Price $80 - Your Profit = $63
  • 30000 Alexa Visitors - Your Cost $51 - Sale Price $240 - Your Profit = $189

Adult Traffic

  • 5000 Adult Visitors - Your Cost $13 - Sale Price $40 - Your Profit = $27
  • 10000 Adult Visitors - Your Cost $25 - Sale Price $80 - Your Profit = $55
  • 30000 Adult Visitors - Your Cost $75 - Sale Price $240 - Your Profit = $165


Some of the services offered on the website are integrated into the   supplier’s backend system. These services are Targeted Traffic, Alexa   Traffic, Adult Traffic and Guaranteed Signups. Every sale for one of  the  above services that the site completes will be processed automatically by   the supplier’s backend system that is linked to the site. Within this   system, your client will be able to register an account as well as  track  their stats, manage their campaign and place additional orders if  they  wish. Here are some of the features of the backend system:

  • Completely Branded Client Area - Deliver highly   targeted prospects to your clients’ web properties based on targeting  or  country. This completely branded reseller interface will allow you  to  display hourly, daily, weekly and monthly stats in real time and in  the  form of impressive bar graphs and charts. Your clients login from  your  website, and will access their stats from a completely anonymous  server  which is 100% untraceable to the supplier.
  • Automated Client Ordering - Your clients can  order  directly through your website on our system and make payment  directly to  you. The clients’ information and advertising campaign are   automatically set up in the system awaiting your approval. Once the   campaign is approved, the inventory is removed from your account, and   the client is sent a notice letting them know the account has begun.   This automated system seamlessly supports PayPal and 2Checkout Payment   Systems.
  • Custom Ordering System - If you currently have  your  own merchant account, the supplier can provide you with a  customized  script that allows you to still use their automated system  after your  clients have made payment.
  • Managed Customer Support - Your clients have the   ability to submit support tickets via the supplier’s stats area. When a   ticket is submitted, it is sent directly to the supplier’s support   staff. You will receive a copy of this ticket as well. The well trained   support staff can handle most tickets on your behalf, freeing you from   this task. All tickets are answered on behalf of your company, and are   completely confidential.
  • 24 Hour Site Monitoring for all Clients
  • Branded Email Messages - Customized emails are sent to your users when their account is created welcoming them to your network.
  • Email Stats - Both clients and resellers will   receive an email containing full account statistics when a campaign has   finished or is removed from the system. This email will appear to be   from you and is not traceable to the supplier’s company.
  • One User / Multiple Accounts - Manage multiple   accounts under 1 client. Your clients will never need another username   and password regardless of how many orders they place.
  • Real Time Updates - Clients can update their targeting regions as well as their URLs in real time.
  • Easy Reseller Interface - Reseller interface allows you to control their entire campaign from start to finish.
  • Important Email Notifications - Resellers will get a notification when a campaign has started and when it has completed.
  • Optional Fraud Protection - The supplier’s fraud   protection option protects you from fraudulent orders totaling up to   1,000,000 visitors (combined) per month.
  • Pause and Start campaigns when needed  
  • Auto Inventory - This system allows you to buy   inventory when you need it. Once purchased (through PayPal) the   inventory is placed directly into your account for immediate use.
  • Bigger Discounts on Large Orders
  • Instant Activation - Unlike other systems, this   network is governed by Artificial Intelligence Robots that scan each  URL  that runs through the network. As long as your clients’ URL falls  under  our safe category the AI Robot will automatically approve your   campaigns. You no longer have to wait around for someone to manually   approve your accounts.
  • Auto Refund - In the event that you receive a   fraudulent order, you can have the remainder of the traffic instantly   deposited back into your account by using the auto refund system.

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